What’s Coming Up Next?


Written by Richard Shannon

Directed by Laura Bayston

18-22 February 2020

Good Friday 1612. A secret meeting is held at Malkin Tower in the wild and lawless area of Pendle. Within the year, those present have been sentenced to death at Lancaster Castle and hanged for the crime of witchcraft.

This powerful play attempts to unravel the mysteries behind one of England’s most famous trials, that of the notorious Pendle Witches. Was there really a witches’ Sabbat or were they innocent victims at a time of persecution, paranoia and superstition? How many lives were destroyed by laws born out of fear?

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Sitting Pretty

Written by Amy Rosenthal

Directed by Lisa Holman

19-23 May 2020

Unmarried sisters share a flat in London. Nina is brisk, dynamic and gainfully employed whilst Nancy is plump, self conscious and finds herself redundant. She has an urge to find a hobby, and unwittingly stumbles into a job modelling students and their philandering teacher. Initially horrified to discover that life models bare more than most, Nancy is liberated by the experience and her newfound confidence unsettles Nina. The sisters are drawn toward an inevitable confrontation as Nina faces her unhappy past and Nancy glimpses a possible future. This play unfolds with humorous twists and turns.

Sitting on the Steps