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Don't Dress for Dinner

19-23 April 2022

"Don't Dress for Dinner" is a hilarious farce that centres around Bernard and Jacqueline, a not-so-happily married couple, both of whom are having extramarital affairs. As Jacqueline prepares to go out of town to visit her mother, Bernard invites his mistress and Robert, his best friend (and also Jacqueline’s lover, unbeknownst to Bernard), over for the weekend. He’s even hired a Cordon Bleu chef to cater the evening. Jacqueline discovers Robert is coming to town and cancels her trip, causing Bernard to panic. When Robert arrives, Bernard asks him to pretend Suzanne is Robert’s mistress. Robert mistakes the chef (Suzette), for Bernard’s mistress (Suzanne), producing a highly complicated dinner of hilarious hijinks, secret trysts, and slapstick comedy.



November 2022

An original piece of work, Bodacious is an honest and gritty journey through the 1980’s. No hole’s barred and no punches pulled. 

We follow a group of young twenty somethings on their rite of passage through the decade. Looking at relationships and social norms 

as we navigate through some of the trials and tribulations strewn across the ten year period.

Set in the transformational backdrop of a rundown working mans pub as its two owners undergo life changing events while they manage 

the metamorphosis of the new ‘coolest place to be’. The scenes are powered and driven by the eclectic music of the time which will induce 

the audience to join in and sing along.